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Filed under: The Burning Man — Carolina Souza Raintree-Hegwer @ 02:46
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Reduce, recycle, express your art and leave no trace. No one here dares to understand what’s real, only modify it. Lending a definition from Aldoux Huxley: “A society made of individuals engaged in free cooperation devoted to the search of spiritual sanity”.

In BRC even the most common world conceptions get lost in between a big extension of infinite artistic expression, radical and interactive. Far away from the waste society, the festival provides a magical experience of philanthropy and life.

One week in the desert might make anyone revaluate their own basic necessities, and realize that most of the objects we consider indispensable are not that essential after all.

Give to receive, open your doors to strangers without any alarm (or even have no doors), divide and share, live without inhibitions, those are concepts that can only be tested in a utopian society like BM – taking as the other valuable option the chaotic and competitive world we live in where everyone locks their doors in fear of the danger that walks the streets.

But what’s the advantage of being part of this delusional temporary city? “Coming back to your daily life with the ability of noticing magnificent details that will show you different points of view, opening your eyes to what is beyond the obvious, learning how to appreciate the world’s natural beauty and preserve it”, B.F.S, ecologist, Germany, 46 years old.


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