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When the boiling sun blesses us with the grace of its appearance, at the latest at seven in the morning, it kicks everyone out of their beds, tents, trailers and camps. Those who decide to keep on sleeping are doomed to drown n their own sweat. The light outside is so bright it’s almost blinding. Of course you can also find some that turn night into day and are still on the same last night’s party.

From multicolor circus tents to huge globes, animal outlines to Homeric-sized human silhouettes, Barbie’s death camp with more than 5 thousand disfigured dolls to Peter Pan’s Gay Neverland, from a place where everyone dresses as bunnies to play on a Bunny Band to the nudist transsexual community, from all the crazy camps to the family ones, and even a Samba camp with dancing lessons every other hour – the welcoming Brazilian culture was strongly portrayed in the event, the Samba circles (Rodas de Samba) and Capoeira had a special spot on Center Camp, the place with the most flow of people in BM.

The best moment to try and understand the guide When & Where (which is given to everyone at the front gates, and can also be downloaded ahead of time from the website http://www.burningman.com) is right after having a very filling breakfast, on that high rush of energy, because if you take too long to decide how to fill up your day, the exhaustion of not moving in the desert heat will quickly consume your sunlight hours. You got to keep on moving to feel the wind!

Almost a hundred pages filled up with events, there’s always something going on anytime of the day and night. Everyone is inviting anyone who wants to join their elaborate and intriguing happenings, intended for all imaginable tastes. It’s a warming and remarkable adventure, totally different and impartially insolent.

In between many others, the events described on the guide When & Where go from body painting to come learn how to do a perfect blowjob, from the annual fairy circle to a workshop called “discover the monkey in you”, from free breakfast with bacon to elaborate drinks, to meditation lessons to help recording a short-movie, from dance lessons to tarot readings, from poetry encounters to tattoo studios, from erotic massage to yoga, from the rehearsal for the eclipse ceremony to the collective breathing exercises, from lingerie happy hour to the fifteen minutes of daily recycling, from Christian events to Hare Krishna walks, and even a phone booth where God himself is supposedly on the other side of the line answering your questions – or just trying to confuse you!


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