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GOT TO HAVE IT March 14, 2010

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Tickets vary from U$ 200 to U$ 300, always a little bit more expensive as it gets closer to the event. By purchasing the ticket, the participant automatically agrees to a liability term printed on the back, which takes all responsibility from organizers, even fatalities –A regular city with population around fifty thousand people is bound to have 1% of casualties in the period of nine days. This edition of BM registered three deaths.

You must bring the basic needs for your own survival during this nine days, and they should all be included on your what-to-bring list. Start with water for consuming, showering and cooking. Dust storm protection for you and your camp, food, drinks, sunscreen, full wilderness supplies camp, alternative energy supplies as needed, a bicycle, maybe a mutant car (that has to be pre-registered with BM), and your idea to donate to the society.

Not counting the expenses to get to the USA – a little more than a couple thousand if you’re coming from Brazil like me – a few thousand dollars is a good start for investing in an awesome and complete camp. Some of the more fancy camps, sponsored by big companies like Google, spend more than a million dollars on some art projects, installations and decorations.

One of the trademarks of BRC is that in this city nothing is bought, besides ice and coffee in center camp. Maybe its because of the fact that there’s no money circulating around the festival that people demonstrate such a huge feeling of communion: always willing to take someone in need in, ready to cooperate with the whole group and to freely help a needing burner without demanding any rewards for it.

All participants come with an idea in mind of something they can do to donate something to all others. It can be through an elaborate art project or simply offering help to construct projects of public enjoyment – you can find scheduled meetings in the book When & Where – such as lighting the street lamps and collecting recyclable trash.

The idea of sharing involves all thinking lines of BRC. It goes from sharing a dinner with your neighbors to offering shelter to someone that looks lost in a storm. If everyone gives, there’s always something for those who need.


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