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In the whole history of mankind, recreational drugs were never reported to be consumed as much as nowadays, not even during the hippie explosion of the Aquarius Era in the sixties. We blame the illicit substances culture on violence, on the marginalization of the lower social classes and, principally, on international drug traffic. Well, there’s no market for sellers without any buyers, it’s the simplest business concept. Just like there’s no target audience interested in products that aren’t advertised on television shows, movies or magazines. A good example is: turning teenage actor’s heavy drug addictions into trivial daily news also makes the fact something insignificant, or on the worse case scenario, it’s portrayed in such a way that it unfortunately turns into an example to be followed by less educated minds. Nevertheless its interesting to put on the table the fact that the only country in the world in which all drugs are legal is also one of the places with the smallest amount of addicts, they’re mostly tourists visiting The Netherlands – Holland.

We can find in BM mad people from all tribes and peculiarities, legal and illegal: from the surreal world of the mushrooms to the psychedelic strawberry fields of the lysergic acid, from the most diverse paranoid freaks to the Rastafarian peace herb, the great dominating alcohol smoothing shy people’s personalities, pills of all kinds to create and knock down all types of psychoses… You can even accidentally run into a barefoot mad-hatter pouring magic tea from his colorful teapot into willing burners mouths that occasionally cruise by his confusing corner.

The festival encourages and defends all types of freedom, without any moral restrictions. So nothing you do nor any legal or illegal drug you ingest will make you any better or worse in this utopical non-hierarchy. Just to clarify a small detail, carrying illegal substances is still considered a crime, and yes, the American government has jurisdiction over BRC, so be careful, or be clean.

In spite of the presence of many mood altering substances, the festival is not guided by them. The event projects a bigger magnitude of inquiring into the status quo that goes beyond drugs; but is still not evolved enough to be free from them.


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