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It’s all about illumination. Whoever walks along the playa during the nights carries some kind of glow stick or small light around their wrists, necks, waist, hanging from their clothes and, of course, some other different colorful lamps attached to theirs bicycles. All those are self-required measures to prevent collisions and traffic accidents.

In downtown BRC you can see some fires and their small cherries dancing up on smoke, warming all burners that enjoy the wonders of the festival during the refreshing night breeze. It’s impossible to get lost, and easy to memorize your favorites from the enormous sculptures, art projects and camps highly decorated with neon lights that shine in all colors all over the playa.

Walking towards the biggest stage on the playa we can see four gigantic metallic cylinders shooting fire into the sky every other minute or so, that, inevitably gave anyone walking close enough to it goosebumps. It warms you up to the soul!

The mutant vehicles, or cars, can be easily found even from miles away due to their distinctly colored luminous outlines. Some burners seize the days, other the nights, it all depends on your state of mind and on how you plan on enjoying your BM experience.

Frankly, the nights belong to the outrageously crazy ones; and the days, let’s say they are ruled by the passionately crazy ones, since being referred to as normal might just be the most disrespectful thing to say about a burner


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