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LET’S GET DIRTY March 14, 2010

Filed under: The Burning Man — Carolina Souza Raintree-Hegwer @ 02:41
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Imagine spending a whole day walking under the desert’s steaming hot sun, constantly sweating. By the end of the day you can feel that your arms and legs have a crust of dust on top of them, making you feel very uncomfortable as the weather cools down. The only way of getting rid of that sensation is a shower, but how?

The festival does not have the capacity of providing showers to 50 thousand burners, but objecting the greater public heath, there are many portable bathrooms in the central area of BRC.

Providing your own comfort is a great part of the survival experience of the desert. There are two possibilities to keep your personal hygiene: include many extra liters of water in your BM planning (bringing a trailer with a big water holding tank) or bringing some gallons of water and a camping shower.

Another option, kind of a funny one, to wash the dirt out is to run after the water trucks that slowly drive through the main roads, splashing water from their backs to put the road’s dust down. They’re always being followed by many burners with soap bars and shampoo on their hands. Just don’t forget your shoes, because when the PLAYA dries off its consistency is like clay, and a little hard to remove from barefoot without plenty of water.


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