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THE BEST OF PLAYA ART March 14, 2010

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Big Rig Gig

Author: Mike Ross

Built entirely from old oil-transporting truck parts, this vertical serpent even had an internal tunnel that could be climbed with caution by those more adventuring burners. This interactive art project is a manifest about the relation between humankind and nature. The artist is able to create a reaction in all viewers that’s on the boundary of instability, the fear and beauty of this object as a piece of art outside its original context.

Crude Awakening

Authors: Dan Das Mann, Karen Cusolito, Black Rock FX, Pyrokinetics, Nate Smith, Mark Perez and MonkeyBoy

Each of nine statues, all made of twisted iron, weighing seven tons and going as high as thirty-three feet. Standing for the world’s dominating religions, they stand in worshipping postures, but not in front of any of their gods, but to an oil tower, which is ninety-nine feet tall. “The black gold is indeed the new god of the modern world, particularly because none of our biggest leaders want to stop profiting from it, and the rest of the people are naively led to believe we can’t survive without it, while our current and constantly developing technology could easily develop many other less nature poisoning fuels to substitute oil”, G.R., engineer, USA, 32 years old.

During the nights, their chests blasted golden flames towards the tower. More than 400 steps lead to the top of the structure, which can accommodate up to 200 people on the higher platform, where the best and most extraordinary view of BRC awaits those who dare.

On Friday a gas chamber was programmed to explode inside the tower, creating 2.4 gigawatts of power in less than a minute. The explosion worked as a cannon, shooting a fire ball high up into the sky exploding in the shape of a fire mushroom, just like the famous ones from Hiroshima’s pictures, deliberately bringing the tower down, and starting the transformation of this unique piece of art into ashes.

The Big Round Cubatron

Author: Mark Lottor

    This amazing piece of art was formed by more than ten thousand ping-pong balls filled up with lamps synchronized to a computer program that transform this illumination project into a stunning exhibition. The graphic 3-D simulator is a structure a little bit more than thirty feet long and nine high. Its controlled by software named Triklits, and equipped with lamps that can change color up to 50 times a second. The Cubatron uses 4500 W of power when it’s being used in its full functions, and this power is green like the man: the batteries are charged during the days by the solar panes installed in BRC – courtesy of the electrical company Energy Efficiency Inc.

Without a doubt, it was one of the most watched art projects during BM nights, and that was its fourth appearance to the event. Sitting comfortably in front of the Cubatron, hundreds of burners vibrated and applauded every change on the pattern of the lights presentation, equipped, of course, with their paper 3-D glasses.


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