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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has just elected Rio de Janeiro, on this Friday October 2, 2009, as the Host City of the 2016 Summer Olympics. This will be the first time an Olympic Game takes place in South America. It not only sounds like a privilege but it is also taken as one by Brazilians, who will host the two biggest sport events in the world in the period of two years, the other one being the FIFA World Cup, in 2014.

This is a big conquest for the Brazilian sports authorities that have invested in this scenario for over two years, but it’s no time to celebrate. There’s an enormous amount of work to be done so that these events can actually bring change and make a real difference in the eyes of the world.

Even through Rio de Janeiro’s landscapes look like a piece of paradise, the city’s infrastructure is in serious need of improvement. It needs a reliable public transportation, better sewage and a proper trash disposal system, and above all security for its citizens. Each and every one of these extremely needed upgrades were some of Rio’s strongest arguments over its rivals (Chicago, Madrid and Tokio) in this competition to host the Olympics. But overall the biggest victory for Rio is the prospect legacy the event is going to leave behind: growth and progress to the city.

As a developing country Brazil faces many challenges in the world, the worst of them could be the stigma that comes with the 3rdWorld Country classification. These sports events and all the work opportunities they bring along, will present themselves as the perfect path to transform this concept and change the way this beautiful green country is seen by all, including its own.

Let’s hope for this to be a success story, just like the Pan American games of 2007 were.

Êeee leleô, leleô, leleô, leleô, Brazil!