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Circus Imagination is a family owned and operated business that has been travelling around the US west coast for over 25 years teaching kids how to have fun in an old-fashioned way: away from televisions and video-games! The main concept of this participatory show is to help kids use their imaginations and find their creativity. First the Ringmaster tells them a story of an old time circus, then they learn about their acts, dress up, and are now ready to perform under their own Big Top.

Starting with Tina the Tightrope Walker who climbs a make-believe ladder 100 feet in the air, followed by Sandow The Strongman, Clarence the Clown, Marco the Lion Tamer and his Ferocious Animals, Believe It Or Not, The Butterfly Ballet, Champagne Sisters, Dead Eye McBang, The Amazing Animal Parade and finishing up with Zazelle, The Human Cannonball, who is shot out of a cannon.

The show can take from four to forty kids, picked right out of the audience, so no rehearsal is necessary. They dress up in colorful costumes that drop right over their clothes and are invited to explore their sense of imagination, resourcefulness and creativity on the stage. The Ringmaster explains the acts to the audience as the children perform, and it’s all so simple and cute that it’s impossible for anyone to do it wrong!

The young are not the only ones captured by this show’s magic: the whole audience is moved by this captivating little circus, cheering for the kids and applauding with enthusiasm on every single act. “Now I know how to make my own circus in my own backyard,” said Mary, a 7 year old girl from Monterrey.

Good parents usually seem more than pleased with the idea of some face-to-face fun that regenerates the notion of educational and safe fun – away from screens and remote controls. Aiming to maximize the kids’ full creative potential by strengthening their confidences, the major triumph of Circus Imagination is still the fact that it does not end when the show is over. It inspires children to play outside and use their most valuable resource: their imaginations.

For all of those interested Circus Imagination can be seen all over at California fairs during the summer, check their schedule on the website!

Like Albert Einstein once alleged: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”